Dylan Alley
Season 1, Episode 2
Go Kart
Air date September 7, 2012
Written by Dylan Troy
Directed by Robin Weiner
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Do Not Get Hurt!
Dylan Alley is the second episode of the first season.This Is The Second Episode Overall


Eric and his freinds finish the court in time cause Eric wanted to have a big race with everbody in town but goes awry in a local Restraunt

Meanwhile Lois Helps Gracie tell Eric she likes him and Stevie over hears


Eric:We're finished!

Stevie:I'll hang some fliers!

Gracie:I'll build some karts.

Lois:I'll help!

Eric:Ah.. It's all going to plan!

(Theme song plays)

Lois:Let's build some karts!


Lois:So.. got any crushes?


Gracie:Eric's a nice guy,he's kinda cute.

Stevie:(On his way to hang fliers,overheres Gracie and Lois) Huh?

Lois:Ooh! Eric!


Lois:Tell him that you like him!

Gracie:No! I'm too shy!

Lois:I'll help you!

Gracie:Okay.. Thanks..

Stevie:Eric! (Runs off to him)

(Commercial Break)


Stevie:..Nevermind.. Umm.. Don't we still have the portal potties?

Eric:Yeah,right over there!

Stevie:Gotta go. (Heads to the portal potty)

Stevie:Lois and Gracie are my friends. I can't do that to a friend. But Eric must know! I'll tell him when the time is right. (Leaves)

Eric:So,Stevie,need help with those fliers?



Lois:Ask him on a date!

Gracie:The Onion Garden?

Lois:Yeah! It'll be a double date! Me,Stevie,You,and Eric!

Gracie:You like STEVIE?!'

Lois:No..I just want some of their breadsticks.



Lois:Wanna come to the Onion Garden with me and Gracie? Bring Eric.

Stevie:Yeah! I love their breadsticks!

(Lois and Stevie highfive)

Stevie:Hey Eric! Let's go on a.. Wait a sec.. Let's postpone a race!


Stevie:Tommorow night!


(Tommorow night)

Eric:Great. No ones here. Wow. Just WOW!

Eric:I'm going for some breadsticks..

(Onion Garden)

Eric:Hello,I'd like to order some breadsticks.

Waitress:Wait one second!

Stevie:I want to see how far I can chuck this beef! (The beefs flings off the spoon and onto Lois' mouth)

Lois:(Spits out the beef) Oh it's on! (Pours melted butter on Stevie's lap)

Stevie:(Slaps Lois and Gracie with a lobster claw)

Stevie,Lois,Gracie:FOOD FIGHT!

Manager:Oh no.. Stop those kids!

Eric:Kids? (Follows the manager)





Stevie,Lois,Gracie:(Runs off)


Manager:You know them?! Get back here!

Eric:(Runs off,also)

(End Credits)

Running GagsEdit

  • Mentioning breadsticks
  • Stevie lying to Eric


  • Dorian Pletcha As Peter Russo

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