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Eric is one of the main Characters Of The Show Dylan Kart.  He is potrayed By Dylan Troy
[[Dylan Png|1x5px]]
Eric's Portrayer Dylan Troy


October 18 1998 (age 15)


Grace Pena Stevie Parklie Lois Falee Peter Russo



First Apperance

New Talent

Last Apperance

Long Gone

Love Intrestes

Lois(possible crush) Gracie(Possible crush)


Eric is a nice guy,who's always there for his friends. He hangs with Stevie and Gracie the most. He is blind to the fact that Gracie likes him. He likes to try new things,Such as fashion ( See Gimmicks ). Even if he's nice. He does not like characters such as Pool Party Boys. In Season 2,he dates Gracie,and gets closer to Peter,while Stevie is attached with Lois.


Year                                   Nomination                              Win/Lose
2012                            Dylan Kart Wikia Show                           Win
2013                          Storia Kids Choice Awards                      Nominated

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