Season 1, Episode 12
Air date December 21, 2012
Written by Dylan Troy
Directed by Robin Weiner
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The Gang Takes A Vacation
A Christmas Story
Gimmicks is the twelfth episode of season 1


Eric changes his apperance

Meanwhile Lois And Peter Help Out with Gracie But Peter wants toask her out

Later Peter and Stevie,and Lois make a alliance about the track on Facebook.


Eric:Hey guys.


Peter:Are you..Justin Bieber?!

Eric:I'm trying something new!

Stevie:You look horrible!

Peter:Yeah! Bieber looks better than you!

Stevie:Thanks how we all feel. (High fives Peter)

Gracie:Eric? Can we (Drops lunch)

Gracie:AHH! (Runs off)

Lois:Hey gu- (Looks at Eric and walks off)


(Later,at the track)

Lois:Just walk to him,and say you like him!

Peter:Yeah.. Uh huh..

Gracie:I'll do it! (Walks off)

Lois:What's wrong with you,dimwit?

Peter:She's the girl I want.. I. Just.. (Walks off)

(Stevie's house)

Stevie:(Puts his arm over Lois) So the alliance is done and we'll make the track famous!



Lois:You want to go egg some houses?

Stevie:My pleasure! (They leave)

Peter:She's the girl I want.. Hey. Eric doesn't have a facebook.. Well.. that's about to change..



Gracie:I got this message from Eric.. And.. I think you're a really good guy! But you gotta move on!

Gracie:I like Eric..

Peter:But I love you! I can't let you go!

Eric:Hey guys! (Dressed up like a bodyguard) Do I look buff?

Peter:Uh oh..

Gracie:Look,Eric,You're the one I want. Not Peter. Peter is very sweet. But you're the one I love.

Eric:Wait. Peter?

Gracie:I know you're being a good friend. But. I just want you to know. I like you.

Eric:I never suggested for you to date Peter!

Gracie:But..your facebook!

Eric:I don't have a facebook..


Gracie,Eric:(Looks over to Peter)



Gracie,So Eric. Do you like me?

Eric:Uh oh. Gotta go. If I back Joey up,I get 20 bucks!



(Skate Park)

Stevie:Great egging!

Lois:Thanks,but you throw like a lady!

Stevie:Atleast I don't throw like an old hag.

Lois:Ooh,you'll get it!

Stevie:(Leans in to kiss her)

Lois:Whoa. You trying to lip with me?

Stevie:Um..No. Taste my burp! (Burps)

Lois:You'll have your day. (Kisses his cheek,and leaves)


(End Credits)


  • This Episode Permiered with A Christmas Story

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