Lois Falee is one of the main characters in the show Dylan Kart



November 9,1998(age 16)

First appreance

New Talent



Last Apperance

Long Gone


Pulling Pranks

Stevie Parklie

The Track

Gracie Pena


Lois is portrayed as a tomboy. She usually likes to pull pranks with Stevie. She does not like many people,Stevie's parents,Peter,Pool Party Boys and more. Out of the gang,she hands with Stevie and Gracie the most. She barely interacts with Eric and despises Peter. In Season 2,Her and Stevie begin to date,and she is seen fighting with Peter even more.


  • She will guest star in The South Middle Street Adventures. Due to this happening, It is known that Dylan Kart & The South Middle Street Adventures take place in the same universe.

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