Tori:Here I am,Once again,feeling lost but now and then

Eric:I Came to Dance-Dance-Dance-Dance I Hit The Floor

Cat and Tori: When you figure out how,you're lost in the moment you disappear!

Eric,Stevie,Gracie,Lois: That is My Plan!

Peter and Liz:Im Wearing My Favorite Brands!


Cat,Tori,Jade: You don't have to be afraid to put your dream in action!

Eric,Stevie:*Dance off*

Cat,Tori,Jade:You're never gonna fade you'll be the main attraction!

Lois:Give Me Some Space

Beck,Trina,Lois:Give Me Some Space

Eric,Cat:Saying Ayo!

Tori,Gracie,Jade,Stevie:When it turns out right!

Eric,Stevie,Peter:Saying Ayo Gotta Let Go!

Tori:Not a fantasy! Just remember me! When things turn out right!

Eric,Tori:Saying Ayo!

Tori:In my victory! Just remember me when I make it shine!!

Eric,Stevie,Gracie,Peter,Lois,Liz:Give It!

Tori,Andre,Cat,Beck,Robbie,Trina:Make it

Eric,Stevie,Gracie,Lois,Peter,Liz:Give It!

Victorious:Make It!

Dylan Kart:Give It!

Victorious:To Me!


Tori:When I make it shine!

Eric:Like it's dynamite!

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