These Are The Minor Ships In The Show Dylan Kart.If These Ships Show Devlopement they will get Their On Page or you can ask for one.

Ask These PeopleEdit



  • Catcie (Cat and Gra/cie)
  • Robcie (Rob/bie and Gra/cie)
  • Jeric (J/ade and Eric)
  • Stade (St/evie and J/ade)
  • Bois (B/eck and L/ois)
  • Toric (Tor/i and Er/ic)
  • Dreric (Dre/w and E/ric)
  • Solivia (S/tevie and Olivia)
  • Gissac (G/racie and Issac)
  • Lrey (L/ois and T/rey)
  • Rylric (Ryl/ee and E/ric)
  • Stylee (St/evie and R/ylee)
  • Ryalee (Rya/n and Ry/lee)
  • Loiz (Loi/s and Li/z)
  • Stiz (St/evie and L/iz)
  • Racie (R/ylee and Gr/acie)
  • Jeric (J/oe and Eric)



  • They Make A Kart For Eric
  • They Are Seen Dancing In Make It Dyniamite
  • They Seem To Be Freinds After The Events Of Victorious Kart