New Talent
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date September 1, 2012
Written by Dylan Troy
Directed by Robin Weiner
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Dylan Alley
New Talent is the series permiere about a boy that discovers a new talent for racing go karts. This Is The Series Permiere and The First Episode Overall

This episode aired on Saturday due to a Nick Night of Premieres.


Eric Lange (Dylan Troy) discovers that he's an excellent kart racer,with the help of his friends,Steve Parklie (Noah Clark),Grace Pena (Lauren Stauffer) And Lois Falee (Stephanie Novak) build an allyway with the help of a new kid Peter(Dorian Plecha )


  • Dylan Troy
  • Noah Clark'
  • Lauren Stauffer
  • Stephanie Novak
  • Dorian Pletcha
  • Elizabeth McGarry


Eric: Hey Stevie! Come in! (Plays a game)

Stevie: I love when you invite me over.

Eric: Heh,What are best friends for?

Stevie: So..School is tommorow,That sucks,right?

Eric:Right! It's so darn boring!

Stevie:Well,let's make THIS day last!

(Theme Song plays)


Eric: Huh? Gracie and Lois aren't here.

Gracie:(Walks in)

Lois:(Walks in also)

Lois:Wow! School!

Gracie:We belong here!

Peter:(runs in)

Lois:Look,a new kid!

Peter:Back off!

Lois *mimicks* Back off!

Gracie:(Walks off)



Stevie:(Walks in) STEVIE!

(sees Picture of the high school)


Stevie:? Im so confused. School sucks!

Eric: You're always confused! So,anyways,what do ya wanna do when school's over?


Eric:Kart Racing?

Stevie: Yeah,I started some weeks ago! I'll take you!

Stevie:Gotta go,dude!

Eric:(walks to class)

Gracie:Ughhh..I'm with the new kid.

Peter:(glares at Gracie)


Gracie:Yeah. I'm surprised he knows how to dress!

Eric:Everyone knows how to dress!

Gracie:When you're old,you don't.

Peter:That's some real crazy..

(cuts to commercial)

(after school)

Stevie:Dude,I'm telling you,kart racing is awesome!

Eric:I challenge you!

Stevie:You don't even know how to race!

Eric:Try me..

Stevie:Whoever wins will have the whole course named after them!

(They hop in their karts)

(after race)

Eric:Ha! I beat you by a few INCHES!

Stevie:Eric Circuit! Happy now?

Eric:Yeah,great name!


Eric:No thanks! I'm Good!

Gracie:Hey Guys!

Eric:Gracie,Guess what?


Eric:This course is now mine!!


Liz:Big bro! Mom needs to test out your butt cream!


Liz:Mom wants you home!

Eric:Okay! (Walks off)

Stevie:See you tommorow!

(next day)

Eric:Guys! Let's make some changes to the course!

Peter:Can I come too?

Gracie,Lois: Nooo!!

Eric:Yep. After school,Eric Circuit is gonna be big!

(cuts to commercial)

  • End Credits

(Dan's Bakery)


Running GagsEdit

  • Stevie being confused
  • The girls picking on Peter

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