New Twins
Season 1, Episode 10
Air date November 30, 2012
Written by Dylan Troy
Directed by Dan Schinder
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New Twins Is the Tenth episode of the first season


Eric Meets A Pair Of Twins on the first full week of school

Meanwhile Stevie hangs out with Lois.

Later Gracie tries to tell Eric she likes him


Eric:Look,the new kids. They have nowhere to seat.

Stevie:Hey! New kids! Over here


Rylee:Hm? (Walks over to the table)

Ryan:Thanks! I'm Ryan.


Stevie:Stevie. Wait.. Who ARE you? (Points to Rylee)


Ryan:That's Rylee and he doesn't talk much.


Eric:We have our own go kart tracks.

Ryan:Cool! We should race sometime!

Eric:Walk down Dylan Alley and you'll see the sign that says "DYLAN KART"

Ryan:KK! (Bell Rings) See you guys! After school!

Rylee:(Grabs Ryan and runs off)

(After School)

Gracie:Eric! I have something to tell you!

Eric:What do you want from me?

Gracie:We've known each other for a while. And I think I'm falling for you.

Eric:The world with our history,will forever remain a mystery.

Gracie:So you'll think about it?

Eric:I never wanted you in my life,I just made one harsh sacrifice.


Eric:(Walks away)

Gracie:..(Begins to cry)

(The Track)

Eric: Let's do this!

Eric:(Hops in the kart and prepares to race)

Rylee:..(Gets in the kart)

Ryan:(Enters his kart)

(The Race begins on Stevie's new track,There was a lot of distracting hills during the race)

Eric:My wheels! (His vehicle crashes,and his wheels are flat,but he still goes on until he reaches the finish)

Eric:You guys gave me a flat tire!

Ryan:Nuh-uh! False!

Rylee:(Shakes head)

Ryan:(Pushes Eric to the ground) STAY OUT OF OUR TRACK.


Eric:Not now! I have some cheaters to deal with!

(Skate Park)

Stevie:THIS is where you hang out?

Lois:I live the life of a skater,Stevie.

Stevie:Cool,I guess.

Lois:So um.. How's the karting going?

Stevie:Okay. I'm bored.

Lois:Me too.

Stevie:Want to go ding dong ditch?

Lois:You read my mind! (They run off)

(A ding dong ditch montage)

Old man:HEY! Get back here! What did I tell you abourt cerming to mah doh and ringin' it and runnin' off like a pack of wil' gators!

Lois:(Old Man Impression) Well,we be doin' this stuff fer' fun and you sit down and watch monstuh trucks all deh!

Stevie:(Old Man Impression) Dat truck dus sum cool stuff!

Lois and Stevie: (Laughing) Go! Go!

(The Track)

Gracie:(Still crying) Why does he hate me?

Lois:Gracie? What's wrong?


Gracie:Eric doesn't like me! He never wanted to be my friend! He talked about sacrifices and stuff!

Lois:That Wazzbag! I got him.

Stevie:I'll just comfort Gracie..

Eric:What are they planning? (Gets attacked) Lois?!

Lois:Hey! What's up with you and Gracie?! Why do you hate her?!

Eric:She's my friend!

Lois:I never wanted you in my life,I just made one harsh sacrifice? Yeah..

Eric:That's a line from Bad Friend by Cuttlefish!

Lois:Oh.. You're..a bad friend..

Eric:You really screwed over this time. But everything is gonna be fine.

Lois:I can't believe I wanted you to be mine.

Eric:But then I found out that..

Lois:You were a BAD FRIEND! (Air guitars)

Eric:Yeah!! No. But seriously. Those twins wazz me off!


Eric:Yeah. They're trying to take over the track!

Lois:Get the bat. Stevie gets the paintball gun. Gracie distracts them while I do my dance.

Eric:..A dance?


Eric:Okay.. I'll get the bat.

(The Pool)

Ryan:Life's good Rylee. Let's celebrate with some swimming!


Gracie:Hey boys.. Look me in the eyes for a kiss!


Stevie:Heh... (Shoots a paint ball at Ryan)

Ryan:Gah! (Falls into the pool)

Rylee:(Tries to attack Stevie)

Eric:YAAAHHHH! (Hits Rylee with a baseball bat)

Rylee:OW! What was that for?!

Eric:Stay away from the track! Wait. He just talked!

Rylee:You guys are all idiots!

Ryan:We'll get y-


Eric:( Puts on music and headphones) I never wanted you in my life,I just made one harsh sacrifice.

Gracie:Eric.. Do you really hate me?

Eric:(Takes off headphones) Huh?


(End Credits)


  • Dorian Pletcha As Peter Russo

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