Return Of The Evil is the fourth episode of Season 2 and thirtyith episode overall

Return Of The Evil
Season 2, Episode 4
Air date August 30,2013
Written by Dylan Troy
Directed by Robin Weiner
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Twist And Turn

And This is the 2 Part of The 4 Part Saga


Gracie's Old Crush Returns And Asks Her out and when she says no. He Vows To get Revenge on Eric

Meanwhile Eric still tries to Ask Out Gracie

Later Liz Gets More Than She Wanted With Peter

and Stevie hits a growth sprout


  • Dorian as Peter Russo


(Previously on Dylan Kart)

Eric: I Like Her Too!

Stevie:*slaps Eric*

(Now On Dylan Kart)


Gracie:Huh? ISSAC?

Issac:Ya! It's Me and I Gotta Tell you That


Issac:*Kisses Gracie*

(Theme song Plays)

Issac:*still kissing Gracie*

Gracie:Look Issac I Used To Like you

Issac:And you still do?

Gracie:No! i Like Eric!

Issac: ERIC? ERIC? What Does He Have I Dont?

Gracie:Look......You are nice and all but i dont Like You "That" Way.

(Scene Switch)

Stevie:OH GOD.... MY LEGS!

Lois:Sweetie! What is Wrong?

Stevie:Probaly A Grwoth Spirt


Stevie:*kisses Lois* Thanks For Caring


(Scene switch)



Eric:*kisses Gracie*

Gracie:OMG! *Kisses Back with Force*

(They Make Out For Hours)

Eric:OMG Gracie! We are......Awful

Gracie:Its Still Our First Time!

Eric: And Our Last

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