Taken By Surprise
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date November 2, 2012
Written by Dylan Troy
Directed by Robin Weiner
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Taken By Surprise is the seventh episode of Dylan Kart, and the seventh episode of Season 1.


Eric's Surprise Birthday Party is being held at the track, and Gracie tries to make it extra special for him.


Lois: Hey,Gracie!

Gracie:Hey Lois.

Lois:We're extending Stevie's new track to go all the way to the pool,and back.


Lois:I wish we could of finished it in time for Eric's birthday.

Gracie:Speaking of that,Look at what I got him! (Gets out a poster drawing with Eric and the gang)

Lois:Whoa! Cool! I look hot!

Gracie:Um..thank you?

Lois:No. Thank YOU!

Lois:So,we invited Bella,Bridgit,Miley,Drake,Nathan,Chris,Matt and Dina and of course,ourselves.

Gracie:When are they coming over?

Lois:In 15 minutes! Oh crud! The cake!

Gracie:Get the icing! I'll get it out the oven!

(Gracie gets it out of the oven,and Lois ices it with two layers,one creamy vanilla and the top was chocolate)

Lois:Our guests are here.

Bella:Thanks for inviting us!

Nathan:Come on guys!

Guests:(Goes on the track and everyone hides in the kitchen in the garage)

Eric:No one's here? Well. This su-

Everybody:Happy Birthday!

Eric:Wow! Thanks!

Gracie:(Hands Eric his cake) Make a wish!

Eric:(Blows out the candles) Woo!

Lois:We'll get to the cake later,But we have a very special DIMWITTED guest for you!

Peter (On the laptop): Hey man!

Eric:Hey Peter!

Peter:Happy birthday! I'm sorry I'm not here,but I'm sure it's awesome!

Eric:You wanna (Kind of) dance with us? (Turns on the radio)

Peter: Yeah! (Dances)

Everybody:(Dance to the music)

Lois:(Exits out of the web chat)

Peter:Wait no don-

Dina:I got you some skates! And I invited my brothers!

Eric:(Puts on the skates and skates around)

Bro 1:Loser! (Pushes Eric)

Bro 2:(Pushes him into the cake)

Eric:I have cake all over my face!

Everyone (Excluding Lois and Gracie):HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA!

Eric:This is the worst birthday ever! EVERYBODY GET OUT!

Lois:Aw..Kiddo.. No need to be sad.

Gracie:You're amazing! We need more people like you!




Eric:Peter? (Opens laptop)

Peter:Sorry about your birthday..But atleast you've got the best friends ever.

Eric:Let's work on Stevie's track!

Gracie and Lois:Yeah!

Peter:No one ever listens to me.]

(End Credits)


  • Noah Clark as Stevie Parklie


  • In The Last Episode Stevie's New Track it was Peters Birthday So further than a week Peter and Eric Birthdays are a week apart