The Cabin
Season 1, Episode 19
Air date March 1, 2013
Written by Dylan Troy
Directed by Robin Weiner
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The Cabin Is The Nineteenth Episode of season 1


Eric And The Gang Go To The Cabin For Spring Break

Meanwhile Lois goes on a date with Stevie in the forest and Peter comes along,but they get lost.

Liz,Gracie and Eric thinks Jason is around the cabin to kill them


Eric:Come on gang! The cabin is back!

Stevie:I can't wait to hunt down a wild coyote! ROAR!

Lois:The coyote will eat you. I bet you taste like an angel.

Gracie:You guys are so CUTE!!

Peter:Yeah. Love..

Liz:I'm here for the lake!

Stevie:We'll see you guys! Lo and I are going on a date in the forest!

Lois:Come on Sweetie Stevie! (They walk off in the woods)

Peter:I just want to see a real date..

Liz:Oh Peter..You have me.

Peter:Nah. I'm following them! (Follows Lois and Stevie)


Gracie:Come on Liz,you can hang with us! (Puts her arm around Eric)

Eric:(Blushes) Yes. We can! Oh! Goodness.

Gracie:(Walks into the cabin)

David (Eric's dad): Okay guys,we're going to go fishing by the lake.

Linda: (Eric's mom):Bye guys!


(They all walk in the cabin)

Eric:I'm bored already.


Liz:Let's go in the big room. That's close to fun.

(They all play games)

(The forest)

Stevie:So.. before we move on to eat our food and set out tent.. um.. (Leans in to kiss her)

Lois:(Leans in to kiss him)

The bag:AW GROSS!

Stevie and Lois:AHHH!

Lois:(Punches the bag and opens it)

Peter:(Gets out of the bag) OWW!!

Stevie and Lois:PETER?!


Lois:Where's the tent?! Why are you here?!

Peter:It was taking up the room! And plus,I must see true love,I MUST KNOW THE ANSWERS!

Stevie:I'll give you some answers (Tackles him)

Lois:OH MY GOD!! I forgot to bring my camera! GET HIM,BABY!

(The cabin)

Eric:So.. then Andre had a crush on J-

(All the lights turn off)


Liz:There has to be a light in here! (Removes the curtain)

Jason:(Looks in the window)

All:AHHHHH!!!! (Runs off)

Eric:I'll lock the doors! I have the keys! (Locks the doors)

(A scream is let out)


Gracie:I'm scared!

Liz:That's mom!

Mom:AHHHH! I got a bite! (Reels in the fish)


Gracie:We can't! We'll die!

Liz:Yeah! Come back!

(The forest)

Stevie:It's a horrible date..

Lois:Baby..Just blame dimwit!

Peter:I'm not a dimwit! I'm just a bit slow!

Stevie:Hey Peter..Is the football still in there?

Peter:Y-yeah. Why?

Stevie:Let's play some catch!

(Peter and Stevie play catch)

Lois:Can I play?


(They all play catch)

Lois:Yay! This is fun! (Throws the football at Peter's stomach) YES!

Stevie:Meh. Well. Let's go back! (Walks off)

Peter:(On the ground) Good.. Idea.. (Gets up)

Lois:(Walks off also)

(The cabin)

(The 3 of them comes out with armor on)


(They all run out and push Jason into the water and see Mom sleeping,they think she's dead,Jason starts to come back up,They all run back in)


Liz:I hear him coming! RUN!

(They all hide)

Jason:(Comes in) Kids?



Gracie:Mr. Lange!!

(They run out and hugged him)

Liz:We thought you were Jason!


Eric:But what about Mom? The chainsaw.. the MASK!

Dad:The mask is to protect my face from the tree bark. The chainsaw is to cut that big tree to make a tire swing. Mom's alseep.

All:Oh.. ..Um.. Sorry for pushing you.


Lois:We've been walking in circles for HOURS.

Stevie:My gps says to go straight!

Peter:Let's go that way!

(Outside of the cabin)

Dad:(Sawing tree)

Stevie,Lois,Peter:AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! JASON!!!!!!

Peter:Get lost again?


(They all run back in the forest,and get lost,again)

(End credits)


  • This Episode Premired a month after the last episode
  • The Cabin Makes Its Second Apperance
  • Peter is still sad after the events of A Christmas Story He falls in love with Abby in Season 2 and becomes crazier and happier.

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