The First Race!
Season 1, Episode 4
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Air date September 28, 2012
Written by Dylan Troy
Directed by Dan Schinder
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Do Not Get Hurt!
The First Race is the fourth episode of the first season


Eric hostes the first race on the track and enters it with their freinds.

Meanwhile Gracie enters the race with no skills of go kart racing so Peter,Stevie and Eric give her a free pass to the track.


Peter:Hey Eric! Hey Stevie!

Eric and Stevie:Hey Peter!

Peter:So the race is tomorrow?


Stevie:And it's gonna be so cool!

Gracie:Hey guys!

Eric:Hey Gracie!



Gracie:So are we gonna burn some rubber tomorrow? Kick it into high gear? Oh yeah!

Stevie:You can kart?

Peter:I never seen you race!

Eric:Come on guys! She's probably good. Show us some skills!

Gracie:KK! (Hops onto a kart and enters the track)

(Gracie goes super slow)

Stevie:Oh yeah. She's good..

Peter:Pfft! Yeah. Very good!

Eric:Shut up,guys. ._.

(Theme Song Plays)

(At school lockers)

Peter:Are you guys entering the race?



Gracie:Sup guys? I decided to enter the race!


Stevie:Dude,you know the prize right? The 1st place winner gets a medallion and a free pass to the track for a MONTH! You'll never win that!

Peter:And the last place gets nothing!

Eric:Come on Gracie! I'll teach you some skills after school!

(After school)

Eric:I'll give you some extra gas for this race. I don't want you to lose.


Eric:No problem!

(The race)

3..2..1.. GO!

(Eric and Peter are already neck to neck in the lead)


Eric:I GAVE HER SOME EXTRA GAS! (After he says that,he passes Peter in the dust)

(But Eric was no longer in the lead,It was...Gracie?)

(Commercial Break)

(The second lap begins,Gracie is still in the lead)


Kid 1:She's got skills!

Kid 2: Meh.

(She goes onto the third and final lap,Peter catches up with her and so does Eric,but as soon as they blink,she already won the race!

Eric:Fine.. You get the medallion and a free pass!

(A week later,The Joke Is On You plays,Night time)

Gracie:(Kart breaks down,calls Eric)

Eric:(Is half sleep and fixes kart)

(Early in the morning)

Gracie:(Needs someone to race,Calls Stevie)

Stevie:(Falls asleep and Gracie wins the race)

Gracie:(Needs a mascot during race,calls Peter)

Peter:(Has to dance like a mascot in front of his crush,wearing a skirt and a cheerleader shirt)

(The song ends)


Eric:We must stop Gracie!

Peter:I was gonna get Dina's number. But now I'm embarrased!

Stevie:Down with her,I say!

Eric:We need to talk with her!

Gracie:Sup guys?

Stevie:No free pass for you!

Gracie:Oh,great,it WAS getting kind of boring. Bye!

Eric,Stevie,and Peter:....What?!

(End Credits)

Running GagsEdit

  • Gracie getting the boys to do things
  • Stevie and Peter hating Gracie's skills.


  • Stephanie Novak as Lois Falee

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