The Gang Takes A Vacation
Season 1, Episode 11
Air date December 14,2012
Written by Dylan Troy
Directed by Robin Weiner
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The Gang Takes A Vacation is the 11th episode of season 1


The Gang Excluding Lois goes on vacation to Eric's Parents Cabin

Meanwhile Lois Stays Home to watch Eric's dogs

Later Peter gets stuck in the middle of the lake

and Grace Hangs Out with Eric and sleeps in the same room as him


(Lemonade Time)

Eric:I'm just saying. If I'm a man,I'd be old.

Stevie:No way! All boys are men!

Peter:Hey guys.

Stevie:Hey. You coming to Eric's cabin?

Peter:Oh! Yeah! I can't wait to go swimming.

Eric:You need a floatie!

Stevie:Yeah! Is it Dingo Dinosaur or Dacky Duck? Quacker Quaker!

Peter:For your information..It's Gordan Gator this time..



Peter:Shut up!

Gracie:I can't wait to hang with Lois!

Eric:Actually she agreed to watch my dogs for the weekend.


Gracie:(looks at him) Oh,okay then...

Eric: Yeah...

Gracie:(walks off)

Eric: (sighs)

Peter:(walks towards Gracie) Hey...So Gracie,how about you,me pizza,friday night.

Gracie: (looks confused) Uhh...Im busy,friday night actually.

Peter:With what?

Gracie:(looks for an excsuse,sees Eric) Oh,me and Eric are hanging out!

Stevie: (Listens to conversation) Oohh,so Her and Eric


Eric:(Looses patients) Liz will you just shut up,cant you see me and my friends are just trying to have fun,you always ruin everything,you are a little brat!

Liz:(eyes water) Jerk! (Kicks Eric in the yahoos) (walks off)

Eric:Oww...(kneels on the ground in pain) Ouch!

(commercial break)


Gracie: (Washes an old kart in the junkyard)

Eric:(Walks up to her) Hey Gracie.

Gracie:(Turns around) Oh,hey Eric.

Eric:(smiles softly) What're working on?

Gracie:Oh,just a busted up old kart.


Gracie:So,i cant wait to go swimming...

Eric: Really?

Gracie: No,not really i was just saying that so you would think i was cool.(giggles)

Eric:(blushes slightly) Oh.

Gracie:(smiles) I cant really swim that good...

Eric:Maybe i can teach you...

Gracie:That sounds...Nice

Eric:(Takes her hand) Yeah...

(End credits)



  • The Cabin makes its first apperance
  • This Episode is also called The Vacation or The Cabin Vacation